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Group Coaching

You are not alone.
Join other like-minded people and grow together.

One group video-call per week. For two months. 

Personal on-boarding (2x private consulting calls with me) + 8 weekly group calls (4x 30-minute hot seat).

Learn a proven process 
to improve your funnels and take your monetization to the next level.

996.00 €
plus VAT if applicable


What will I get?

You will get access to our coaching group and you'll take part to our weekly coaching calls.
Before you start participating to the group calls, we'll have one on-boarding session (1-to-1 consulting call) where I will examine in detail your situation and I'll propose a course of action.

During the following 8 weeks period, we'll schedule another 1-to-1 consulting call to help you with the implementation and to clarify any question you might have.

The group calls serve the purpose of masterminding with other website owners and to hold you accountable.

Every 2 weeks you'll have a 30 minutes hot seat where the group will focus your online business. During the 8 weeks period you'll have a total of 4 30-minutes hot seats.

During the group call:

  • the group will listen to the 2 hot seats of the day and will provide feedback and ideas for improvement;
  • I will go through the tracking accounts (GA, Hotjar, ...) of the persons in the hot seats and provide data-driven suggestions;
  • I will answer any question concerning best practices, test ideas, implementation, ...
  • During the 8 weeks period you'll have a total of 4 30-minutes hot seats.

The session will close with a list of action the persons in the hot seats should take during the next period.

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