Consulting Call

Want to kickstart your optimization process and start making more money as soon as possible?

Get on a video-call with me. 

I'll dive deep into your Google Analytics account and show you a better way to think about your website.

60 minutes
+ 3 email followups

500 €
plus VAT if applicable

Your website cannot make you more money if you keep running it the way you've always done.

Let me show you another way.


What will I get?

The scope of the call is to discuss what you can improve on your website to get more sales.
During the call:

  • we'll dig deep into your Google Analytics (and other tracking softwares, if you have any);
  • we'll review and discuss your sales & website funnels;
  • we'll discuss specific intructions on what to change and how to make the changes;
  • I'll tell you where to act and which tools to use to make the improvements.

Let's do it!

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