I believe in working smart.

I have a thing for improving things. I always had.
I love my work, for me it is like a game: I have something that could work better... I study it and I fix it.


Messaging & Copywriting

What you say and how you say it has impact on the visitors of your pages. Everything you put on your site affects the likelihood of making users convert. To succeed in what I do I had to learn this skill real good.

Organic Traffic

I used to do SEO and I still do it for the websites of my portfolio. Everything I write generally ranks on page one (I learnt how to pick my battles). Today I work moslty with clients who have a reliable organic traffic... but I often help them to improve it.

Leads Generation

Once you have organic traffic, you shall focus efforts on getting Leads in form or emails.
Email marketing is still the most efficient ways to convert Leads into paying Customers. You need to get those email addresses!

Leads Segmentation

Mass emailing everyone with the same message will not bring you any result.
In order to convince people to use your Product/Service, you need to segment them into groups and deliver to teach group a customized experience.

Email Funnels

Following proper segmentation and follow-up through automatic emailing systems, Prospects will start to show interest in buying and they will convert to paying Customers... much faster and easier than ever before!

Product Development

The relationship nurtured with Prospect during the sementation phase can be leveraged to get deep insights into the Product's usage. An engaged Audience is the key to reaching a quick Product/Market Fit.

Hours spent improving things
Books read
Years in business

What am I about?

I value Time (yours and mine) above anything else. Time is the only resource we have that is truly not renewable. Let's not waste it.

I work hard so we can make enough riches and get the all the Freedom we need to enjoy life to its fullest.

I wanna live long and happy... so I need to be in good Health.

I love to be surrounded by people and I do care about Relationships. I want to make the difference in people's lives and I always try to give without expecting anything back

I found out that the times I enjoy life the most are those when I have absolute Clarity of purpose and direction... so I strive to keep Clarity for myself and to bring it to everyone I meet.


It is NOT about the Destination

My Journey

Here are the steps I made to become the person I am today.


I built my first Robot

an autonomous six-legged walking robot, later evolved into a two-wheeled vehicle.



Master in Engineering

MSc in Electrical Engineering, major Automation.


Moved to Estonia

Found a job as a designer in a tiny town in the East of Europe.
Awful weather, beautiful ladies.



1st Time CEO

when the design company I was working for decided to branch out in Estonia, I was appointed as CEO.


Working in different Countries

I kept working as Technical Manager in Engineering and spent my time in Estonia, Hungary, Moldova, Finland, Italy, British Guyana.



Wind Turbine Design

I got creative and designed my own generator. I later sold the concept for good money.


Forex e-commerce shop

I developed several tools for trading FX. I built an e-commerce shop and sold them online (PayPal).
It worked great until they cracked all my tools :)



Passivhaus Certified Designer

I got curious about buildings and I got myself a certified education.


1st time Co-Founder

As Passivhaus Certified Designer, I co-founded a construction company in Italy. Making zero-energy buildings.



Mastering Google

I got deeper into SEO and I built two commercial websites, both ranking on page one after two weeks from launch.


Sales & Development Director

Started working for a Prefab House Producer in Estonia.



Team Oltrea & Backlog

Funded my own software development Team and developed our first Tool.


ERP System

Meanwhile, I lead the development of the ERP system of the Producer I was working for. Awesome experience!



Read 104 books

I finally managed to read more than 100 books in one year.
Lifechanging experience!


Public Speaking

I started mentoring and Public Speaking. Mainly focusing on topics like creating an Audience for a Product / Business (SEO, Content Marketing, Lead Generation and Segmentation) and getting ahead of Competitors.



Startup Coach

I was appointed as "Online Business Coach" at "Tehnopol" Startup Incubator in Tallinn, Estonia.


Monetization & Growth

I started consulting and helping clients optimizing their websites.



I found YOU