I take your online Privacy and Security very seriously.

When you visit my website I might collect some information about you and your browsing behavior.
I need this information to understand what you like and to improve my services consequently.

Most information is anonymous and it is collected automatically during your browsing session(s).

Example of data collected:

  • geographic;
  • demographic (sex & age - NB: this data comes from Google if you browse our website while you are logged in into your Google account);
  • the pages you visit on our website;
  • the duration of your visit;
  • eventual interaction with forms and buttons on our website.

Should you decide to get in contact with us using the email form (there is one on every page), we store the information you provide (name, email, type of client) for contacting you.

The information I collect or you willingly share with us is safe and I will not share it with third parties without your permission.


when you visit andreabronzini.com, the following cookies are saved in your browser to perform the functions described above:

  • Google Analytics
    this anonymous cookie is necessary to gather statistic of your browsing activity on our website.
    We need this data for our business to run properly. This is for us the most important cookie of all.

  • Website functional cookies
    a bunch of anonymous cookies the website needs to save to display information and run properly.

  • Facebook Pixel
    if you are a Facebook user and you are logged in on Facebook when you visit my website, this cookie tells Facebook you visited my website.
    IMPORTANT: it does not reveal your identity to me. For what concerns me, your visit is still anonymous.
    Moreover, the Facebook Pixel allows me to eventually reach out to you with Facebook Ads (again, you might see my ads but I do not know your identity, Facebook takes care of reaching you on my behalf).
    You can read more here: https://www.facebook.com/about/basics/advertising/from-businesses-and-organizations#1

  • Email marketing and other marketing tools
    these cookies are placed only in case you interact with forms or popups on my website.

Email List

I communicate with people through email broadcasts.
This allows me to share educational information with many persons at the same time (it would be impossible to do this one-by-one). 
For this reason, I will add you to our email list once you share your email with me.

You can unsubscribe at any time.
An unsubscribe link is present at the very bottom of each email we send out.

Your Consent

If you click on "I agree" on the Cookie pop-up you get at your first visit, you declare you understand what is stated in this page and you agree with it.

In order to provide our service through this website, we need you to agree to those terms.
If you do not agree, please do not click on the "I agree" button and leave the website immediately.