People don’t buy products they buy offers.
This means that the success of your product depends entirely on the success of your offers.
For your offers to be successful, you need to focus on the following 10 points...

1. The message

The first aspect you need to nail in your offer is the message you want to convey.

You need your copy to convey the right information.
You need the visitors to understand you know their pain. They need to believe you know their problem and you are in the position to offer them a solution.

In other words, your offer has to resonate with them.

2. The value

The second major aspect of a good offer is what it is being offered.

Visitors need to believe this is the solution to one of their problems.
You need to make your Unique Value Proposition very clear.

If this resonates with them, they are likely to see the value your offer would bring them.

3. The visual aspect

The third major aspect of a good offer is the way it looks.

We are visual creatures and we tend to scan a page rather than read.
We judge books by their covers.

Consequently,  things like design, composition, graphics and a good visual hierarchy play an enormous role in the success of an offer.

You also want to make sure that your color scheme is always on-brand.
This helps reinforce your brand identity and conveys credibility (trust).

4. The Price

The price of the offer is one of the levers you can move to influence its success.

However, keep in mind that your overall revenue is determined by the combination of sales and price.
In other words, you want to maximize the product of [number of items sold] x [unit price].

5. Create an opportunity

When people are put in a tight spot, they are forced to make decisions.

If one has the freedom to make a choice whenever she wants, the default option is “no choice”.

In other words, you can create an opportunity for them (which in turn is an opportunity for yourself) by leveraging the principles of scarcity and/or urgency.

To leverage scarcity, you need to sell a limited number of items.
To leverage urgency, you need to put a time limit for the purchase. Your offer needs to expire at some point.

6. Create a value ladder

The last thing you want is to create random offers.

This not only hurts the image of your brand (you can be seen as trying to sell random stuff for the sole purpose of making money), but also diminishes greatly the amount of money you can make.

The best long term strategy is to create a value ladder with your offers.

In other words, every product you create (and offer for the product) has to be part of a product ecosystem.
Your product ecosystem shall be designed to take potential customers from being totally ignorant about your topics to becoming able to solve their problems with ease.

7. Make it delightful

Your offer might be a great deal and it may look fantastic…
However, if you are not able to bring it in front of people, you are not going to sell much.

Make sure you have a clear funnel for bringing people to the offer and make sure the user experience on that funnel is excellent. 

8. Make allies

When preparing your offers, make sure you leverage the power of your network.

If you create an affiliate program for your offer, you can turn anyone into a referrer for your product and they can become your marketing agents.
This gives you the opportunity to put the selling on autopilot.

9. Think ahead

Not everyone will be happy with your offer.

There will be a number of people who buy and they’ll come up with some sort of complaint.

Cut yourself some slack and enforce a “no-questions-asked” refund policy.

This guarantees you can get rid of the problem before it gets out of control (i.e. bad feedback on social media).
Make sure you put a deadline to the period where they can request a refund.

10. Know your process

Finally, you cannot spend too much time and money on the creation of your offer.

When you are about to launch a new offer, you don’t know how much money you are going to make… you might as well be going to sell nothing.

Therefore you need to have a good idea of all the tasks involved in the creation process and account for the time, software & tools, and human resources you need to invest to make the offer ready and published.

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